A perfect combination of education and entertainment: the most amazing international exhibition of real human bodies come that surprise and inform the family about the functioning of our body.

The mysteries of the human body have puzzled us for centuries. With an extraordinary display of over 100 authentic human specimens, Human Bodies it offers the public a unique opportunity to learn more about ourselves and how diseases act in the body.

The exhibition includes examples of human bodies and organs complete with animals. The bodies are preserved through a technique called plastination, which allows replacement of body fluids with polymers. Through this process, the liquids are extracted and replaced by non-degradable materials to make possible the study of the human body for long periods of time without the need for any conservant. Thanks to this technique, the breakdown stops and preserving anatomical specimens for scientific education is achieved.

The visit to the exhibition offers the atendant the opportunity to see and understand our health and physiology as well as the opportunity to make new insights about the human being and body care. The exhibition allows us to see the bodies in various poses, displaying different anatomical features in everyday positions or doing some sports. These bodies include a tennis player and an acrobat woman. The exhibition surprises the viewer in each of its sections, especially when observing the ravages of diseases such as prostate cancer, thyroid or hepatitis.

Bodies Human aims to educate the public about the inner workings of the human body and show the physical consequences of poor health, good health and the different lifestyles that are chosen. The exhibition is presented as the perfect mix between a fun show and an enriching and educational experience for the whole family.

Human Bodies ... a journey through the human body, an amazing ride through the miracle of life.

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