Ice Age - The Exhibition

Your little ones will be able to marvel at life-size mammoths and giant prehistoric birds who ruled Earth about 20 000 years

ago. They’ll be able to see a sabre-toothed tiger, visit a virtual aquarium and behold other long-extinct creatures such as the dodo.

As with our Days Of The Dinosaur exhibition, The Ice Age Exhibition’s models are animated so visitors will be able to see the animals move and make sounds. There will be roaring, flapping and flying – in exactly the way these creatures behaved in the Ice Age.

Your kids will also be able to walk among prehistoric whales in the exhibition’s virtual aquarium. Smart digital technology is used to simulate the experience of being underwater, giving visitors an eerily real feel of swimming among the sea creatures that lived during the Ice Age.

If that’s not the kind of thing that would interest your children, there’s always the sandpit in which they can potter about, which boasts lifelike replicas of the bones of the ancient animals that lived during that time. Moms can also take a breather by letting their little ones sit at the drawing tables where they’ll be able to colour in realistic pictures of Ice Age creatures to take home. Another must-have to preserve the memories is a photo taken with a sabre-toothed tiger.

There are many great activities apart from the main exhibition that include a merry-go-round that’s 10 m in diameter for kids  between the ages of four and seven or who weigh less than 50 kg, and three play areas that have interactive games where they can complete jigsaw puzzles on computer screens, colour in and play memory games.

Few things will be able to beat this experience as the highlight of the school holidays and parents and teachers alike will be pleased to know there’s lots of learning involved too. The creators meticulously plan every centimetre of the display to make sure everything looks exactly the way it did during the real Ice Age. Palaeontologists also help to make sure everything is scientifically correct.

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